White Stag Farms...What Sets Us Apart

White Stag Farms has a credo it follows which is…creating food without destroying our natural resources and health.  According to the Carbon Underground and Regenerative Agriculture Initiative at California State University, the definition of Regenerative Agriculture is a practice in farming and grazing that among other benefits, reverses climate change by rebuilding soil’s organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle. We take this practice very seriously and understand that by farming this way, we are securing a future in healthy food and vitality for people living in the community and bringing awareness to others of its importance.  Here are some of the reasons why we are not your average, local farm.

Holistic Planned Grazing

Because we are a livestock farm, we focus on pasture management and strive for the gold-standard practice of Holistic Planned Grazing.  HPG takes more factors into consideration than just how much time an animal spends on a specific area of the land.  

  • We look at the specific plants to our plot and what is best for the plant’s recovery as well as the nutrient benefits to the animals.

  • Our grazing plans take into account nesting and breeding seasons of different animals and birds.

  • We work to protect the soil and pasture or forest plants from compaction by moving the animals often according to the type of land they are grazing or foraging from.

Farming Transparency

We believe it is very important for our customers and community to see our operation and the day to day work of how the animals are raised and treated. We want our community to know how we treat our land and the health of it.  We encourage and work to do this by:

  • Using social media as a means to keep our community and customers informed of our practices and to share our day in the life of a regenerative farmer.

  • We try to sell at venues where we are able to meet and talk to the customer one on one about our products and what we do.

  • We encourage our customers to come visit the farm and ask plenty of questions.  We welcome and love it when we have customers that are engaged in the process of what they are eating and all of the health benefits it has to offer. 

Small Batching

We want to renew a link between the food people eat and the land they live on.  We want our customers to know us as their farmer so that they know their food.  

  • Small batching allows us to work intimately with our animals so they live a life that is based in love and undivided attention, receiving the land and nutrients Mother Nature set out for them.

  • Too many animals on the land can deplete the nutrients and life of the land and soil.  Animals living off of nutrient-dense land translates into healthier meat for you.

      • Cows that are grass-fed and finished (GFF) are the only beef containing conjugated linoleum acid which helps prevent weight gain.

      • GFF cows have more good fats like omega-3 and less bad fats.

      • GFF cows have more antioxidants, including Vitamin E.

      • GFF cows have much more Vitamin K2 which is vital for getting calcium into your bones and away from your arteries.

      • Forest-raised pigs who forage have higher levels of omega-3 fats along with micronutrients like vitamin E, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Organically Fed

Besides our Grass-Fed and Finished Cows, all of our other animals are supplemented with Regionally Sourced, Non-GMO, Organic Feed…only after they’ve finished foraging and eating from the land.

Flavor and Quality

  • We take pride in knowing our meats taste amazing while giving our customer the optimum amount of nutrients. 

  • Our meats are clean, pure, flavorful, and tender because of the way they are raised.

The best way for a consumer to really know a farm is regenerative and holistically land managed is to go visit.  The picture of a farm that is implementing these practices should have dense, dark green pastures, healthy, lush forest floors, and thriving plants and trees on its land.  We take pride in being able to offer this to our customer and look forward to growing and learning more ways of reducing our carbon footprint.  We want to make a substantial impact for future generations by influencing restoration of the watershed and soil while producing nutrient dense food for our community. It’s a mission we humbly intend to accomplish.