Sustainable & Regenerative Farming

White Stag Farms sits on 52 Acres in beautiful Tyler Hill, Pennsylvania. The mixed terrain of pasture, forest and ponds makes for the perfect landscape to raise our Forest-Raised Heritage Breed Pigs, 100% Grass-Fed Hereford Red Angus and Black Angus Cows, and Pasture-Raised Organically Fed Chickens. 

Led by 23 year old farmer, Brett Hogancamp, who believes it's time to part ways with the age of industrial farming, do away with the synthetic food culture of America, and return to a more intimate agricultural nation. Together, our family owns and operates White Stag Farms with a passion for sustainability and humanely raising animals in their natural environments. We share a desire to connect to and respect our earth and the creatures that help sustain us.

We look forward to sharing the bounty of our land with you.